Apple Watch Survey

Apple has started to conduct it’s own market research to understand how users are getting on with Apple Watch

The survey centres around the buying experience, usage, the Apple apps and third party apps and questions about other fitness devices you might use or have used before Apple Watch.

The last question promises Apple will listen to it’s users with regard to future updates as it asks: “What one thing would you change about Apple Watch and why?”




HSBC Launch Apple Pay UK, Causes Fraud Detection Alerts (Exclusive)

Finally, two weeks after the scheduled launch date, HSBC have finally sorted out their internal wrangling and have their systems and staff ready to support Apple Pay in the UK.

Here is what customers in the UK can expect from their Passbook / Wallet app when registering their contactless HSBC debit cards with the service today:



HSBC Fraud Detection Department Blocks Cards

However, it wasn’t plain sailing as many customers experienced issues registering their cards and when they registered their cards they received a phone call from HSBC’s card fraud detection department. Cards were blocked soon after registering for Apple Pay until the customers returned the bank’s phone calls and passed security questions to reactivate their cards. Not a great start.

HSBC support took a twitter bashing on the 14th July, and for several days afterwards, as angry customers were expecting the bank to be a launch partner. They were listed on the Apple website before the launch day as a participating bank, however, they failed to properly inform their customers with this vague press release.

Image showing the Apple website list of banks to support Apple Pay UK on launch:


Some of the latest HSBC Twitter backlash:


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